Best Bunk Beds for Kids – Buy Cheap

Editor Pick Cheap Bunk BedsLike me, you also love your kids a lot and want to save some space of their rooms.


Why don’t you think about bunk beds? I think this could be the best solutions ever. I’m facing the same kind of problems.

So, I bring home the best bunk beds for kids (as I was short in $$$ 🙂 that time). This will make each and every night of your kids beautiful as they are more than just a place to sleep.

Well, to help you find the cheap bunk beds for your child in 2017, we make a top pick list on it. Let’s check it out …

Top 6 Cheap bunk beds for kids

Take a look at the models that our experts have picked out for you. We should say that picking the right model is not an easy task. In our list we have focused on the cheap models that are durable and qualify themselves as good one.

Product NameTypesOur RatingPrice
Dorel Living Brady Twin – (Editor Pick)Wood92$$$
WE Furniture Twin Over – (Editor Pick)Metal90$$$
Your Zone Premium Twin Bunk BedsMetal88$$$
Coaster Home Furnishings GunmetalMetal93$$$
Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase BedWood91$$$
Columbia Bunk Bed 2 Raised PanelWood87$$$

Now that you know the models you should also check out the detailed reviews to pin point your pick. Just spare a few minutes and you might know everything that you need to know about these beds.

1. Dorel Living Twin over Full – The Cheapest Wooden Bunk Beds

In search of cheap bunkbeds made of solid wood? Look no more and bring home this bunkie. It’s got a twin bed over a full sized one. Dorel Living is popular name that manufactures some of the best budget friendly furniture. This is one of the finest examples.

Dorel Living Twin over Full Cheap Bunk Beds

It’s a simple design actually. The bed is available in 5 different colors and you can get the model that goes well with your room. This color variation feature is not available for all the models of bunk beds for boys. It’s a product shipped all the way from China.

After assembly the weight of the unit is 123.2 lbs (without the matters). Like other models it does not take four or five hours for an average person to set up. Yes, it’s quite easy actually.

It’s a tall bed and takes a good amount of space also. We think that it will comfortably fit in a midsized room. Let’s get to the construction. The manufacturer claims it to be sturdy model but we have a different opinion about the strength and stability of the bed. It seemed wobbly to us.

If you have too sprightly kids then this should not be the model to get but it can be an ideal choice for three girls in a room. The lower section of the bed has a lot of space and the upper section comes with a guard rail.

However, you might not like the ladder that comes with it. First of all it’s only a ladder without any sort of protection. Secondly, it’s leaned and touches the lower bunk. We would like to remind you here that, a cheap product has some problems.

  • The Pros: Cheap in price, comes with different colors, has a full sized bed on the lower bunk, light in weight and very easy to Assemble.
  • The Cons: Poor built quality along with ladder issues.
2. We Furniture Twin – Nice & Budget Friendly Bunk Beds

Taller affordable bunk beds are more fun than the shorter ones. If you have a big room and enough space in it for a bunkie then we’d recommend this one. Also, it’s one of the best models available in the market.

We Furniture Twin Budget Friendly Bunk Beds

The weight of it really amazed us a lot. Only 95 lbs! Yes! The whole thing is light as a feather. With that weight limit it has a weight capacity of 250 lbs on both the sections. This may not be that much ideal as a bunk bed for children but it can be ideal furniture for two adults to crash for the night.

Now, there are reasons for what we are excluding children’s use of this bed. What so ever the manufacturer tells about the strength and stability of design, we are just not convinced. The whole thing looks super skinny and seems to stand only on four posts. It did not do too well in our stability test.

The dimension of this bed is 79 by 42 by 68 inches. This makes the bed good for a big room but not that great for a small room where the ceiling is short. However, this is a great bed for your bachelor life or a good choice for your guest room.

We would recommend you not to place the bed on wooden floor. Rather, you should use it on a carpeted floor to have maximum stability. The assembly of the bed takes average time. But you should be extra careful while setting up the bed. Remember, if you do not screw everything appropriately, your bed might not have proper strength to hold all the weight. For a bunkie of only 95 lbs, you should be extra careful.

  • The Pros: Very lightweight, easy to move around and easy to assemble.
  • The Cons: Not too stable with heavy weight and might not be able to take the pressure of child play.
3. Your Zone Premium Twin Bunk– Cheapest Metal Bunk Beds

Some people prefer metal bunk beds over the wooden ones. If you are one of them and looking for a budget friendly metal bunk beds for kids then you should go with this model that offers a solid construction in a very reasonable price.

Your Zone Premium Twin Cheapest Bunk Beds

Before you go with this model you should know that metal kids furniture tend to be wobbly and children can be very rough on the beds. That’s why we have put the bed under a test to find its durability and we have found it to be strong enough.

It’s also a twin over full bunk bed with the weight capacity of 400 lbs on the lower bunk and 200 lbs on the top. We think that it will manage the weight really well and you will not find it causing any metal squeaking sound.

The bed has a ladder for climbing on the upper bunk and it is fixed with the frame that makes it strong. But we have found a little problem with it. The steps of the ladder are narrow and it should be hard on the soft bare foot of the children.

It’s easy to assemble looks kinda modern too. The bed is 78″ in Wide x 56.5″ deep x 63″ high. The numbers suggest that it can easily fit in a small room and it does not weight much also. If you compare its price with others that are available in the market, you will find that it’s a good deal. If you are a tight on budget then look no more and bring it home.

  • The Pros: It’s strong, cheap priced, fixed ladder with good looking design.
  • The Cons: Ladder steps should be wider.
4. Coaster 460078 Gunmetal – Full Over Full Size Bunk Bed

Coaster Home Furnishings have recently introduced this 460078 model in the market and it has already gained a huge popularity. The most attractive thing about the model is its design. You will barely find two storied bed models that have two stairs or ladders on them, with two shaped straight ladders; the design is entirely unique and attractive.

Coaster Full Over Full Size Best Bunk Bed

This bed is made of gun metal. Metal cheap bunk beds with mattress have always been popular over the wooden ones – as they are lightweight.  As far we have inspected it, we have found it to be lighter than most of the discount bunk beds but the frame seemed to be designed with care so it is quite stable even on a wooden floor.

The next good thing about this bed is that it’s huge & tall. Now, if you are looking for a compact bed or don’t have enough ceiling height then you should most probably stay away from it!

Yes, you’ve read right. This is not only a bunk bed for kids. It could be a good solution for your guest room also. If you have guests frequently then you can go with this best bunk bed. Now, let’s come to another major issue about the beds, Installation.

The installation of bunk bed might take around 2+ hours if you work all by yourselves. Now, two plus hours of work! That’s hard work, isn’t it? We think it’s rather boring than tiring as there are so many screws that need to be drilled in.

The dimensions of the bed are 60.75 inches by 82 inches by 65 inches. You see, it’s a solid bed with an almost square shape that makes it really stable. However, it has ladders instead of stairs that makes it a little bit difficult for the kids to climb.

The bed has a 300 lbs capacity on each section and will fit two full size mattresses on both sides. But all we can say is, if you are looking for a big bunk bed then it should be the one.

  • The Pros: Modern design, metal body, easy to move around, light in weight and easy to assemble.
  • The Cons: Straight ladders, takes a lot of time to assemble and not ideal for small rooms.
5.  Mission Twin over Twin – Safest Wooden Bunk Beds with Stairs

If you ask us (sooner or later) about the safest girls bunk beds then we should point you to this model of bunk bed by Discovery World Furniture. Although the metal beds are popular these days but the wooden bunkies have not lost their appeal.

Mission Twin over Twin Bunk Beds with Stairs

It has a more traditional and personal kind of touch that might take you to your childhood. Let’s not get emotional here. It should be a good pick for your kids as it has a whole staircase attached with it. We think we don’t have to remind you that staircase in a Bunkie is a rare feature.

This may not be a cheap bunk beds but it has everything that a complete set needs. There are 7 drawers in it and you can use them all to store your things. When it comes to the strength of the bed we would say that it weights 250 lbs which is really great where you can get a decent bunk beds for toddlers with half weight.

Now, the color of the bed seemed quite good to us. The honey lacquer finishing really makes it a beautiful wooden bunkie. If you want, you can also add 8 inches mattress on this bed. Let’s come to the staircase. When it comes to bunk beds for kids, a staircase is the best thing that you can expect.

Children causing injury by falling of the ladders straight stairs of a bunk bed are a common affair. With this model you will not be facing any issues like that.

Another thing to note about this bed is that it has a compact design that serves another purpose which is to provide more places to sleep by consuming little space. So, if you have a small room and two kids that need to be lodged then it should be the best bunk beds for girls to bring home.

  • The Pros: Looks really good, wooden made, has a lot of weight and 7 usable drawers with staircase.
  • The Cons: Hard to move around and assembly can be a bit tricky.
6. Columbia Bunk Bed – The Premium Beds Only Money Can Buy*

If you have enough money then this kids bunk beds is highly recommended for you. The most notable thing about the model is its build quality. It is made of hardwood that comes with protective finishing. Another great thing is that it can be taken apart and used separately as two entirely different beds.

Columbia Premium Bunk Beds

It does not have that modern type of feel but the bed seemed to us to have a classic aristocratic appearance. It’s available in three different colors with three different prices. If you ask about the strength and stability of the bed, we’d say that it’s a solid bed and we couldn’t find anything wrong with the construction of the bed. It performed really well in our stability test.

The whole bed once assembled weights 282 lbs which is really great. The dimensions are 80.5 by 44.2 by 68.1 inches and the numbers here are quite appropriate for a twin over twin bunk bed. But even after that it is capable of holding mattresses of nine and a half inches.

However, there are some things we should say about it. First of all it’s a twin on twin bed that makes it only suitable for kids. Secondly, the ladder can be attached at any end of the bed but it is a straight one. This reduces the safety level a bit but even after that it’s a good one that meets all the safety standards.

  • The Pros: Good build quality, durable, can be used as separate beds, comes in different colors and has two big drawers.
  • The Cons: The price is higher and straight ladder makes it less secure.

What is a Bunk Bed?

Bunk bed or bunkies are two (rarely three) different beds sitting on top of each other and they are connected by ladders or a small staircase. It’s a great lodging solution if you have space issue. Although it’s a furniture for children but on places like a military barrack or in hostels it’s a good way of making room for two persons to sleep in the space of one.

Modern twin size bunk beds are basically divided into many types. Depending on their material they can either be wooden or be a metal one. Some models even use both.

Now, if you browse a little you will find different applications of it. There are bunkies that has a playhouse on the lower bunk. Some models even come with a full length study table beneath the bed – called as bunk beds with desk underneath.

These things are also classified into different types depending on their size. Most popular ones are twin over twin bunk beds or bunk beds twin over full and so on. Click the link, if you want to know about different types of bunk beds.

Why Should Buy a Bunk Beds with Stairs?

Have you ever given it a thought behind the reasons of your buying a bunk bed? Perhaps not! Well, here is a short list of five benefits of bunk beds that should convince you in buying bunk beds with stairs.

  • The bunkies are real space savers. If you have a small apartment or home and a lot of people living or coming for staying over then you should definitely have a thing like bunk bed in your home. Also, for places where many people stay in a single building or within a limited space, it can be real helpful there.
  • There are other reasons behind your having a double decker bed. If you have more than one child in home and you feel like strengthening the bond between them, you should allow them to spend nights on the kids beds. The little memories that they will gather will eventually end up in making the bond between the children strong and it will certainly last for a lifetime.
  • Having these types of bed can save you from the trouble of providing sleeping space for the stay over guests. If you have an extra room in the house, you can just add a bunk bed in it and your guests won’t have to sleep on the couch for that. Also, sleeping in a bunk bed is a unique experience, be the one providing it to your guests.
  • There are pretty interesting bunk beds for sale that do the job of more than one furniture. They are more than just beds where people sleep. Some models have a playhouse or a study or dining table in them and there are also some models that provide drawers where you can put things too.  You can even design and build one that meets your need.
  • You have already known that it save a lot of space. Even if you don’t have any space issue, you can get a bunkie to add some extra space to make your room look more beautiful and decorate with some other piece of furniture. Even, some bunks are so beautiful that they alone can be considered as a decorative piece.

So, what are you waiting for? Check the list and find out cheap one that suit your needs and bring home the best bunk beds for kids of 2017.

Bunk Beds are Not Just for Sleeping:

If you think that bunkies are just for sleeping, you are very wrong. These beds are not just a place to sleep for the night. They have many more things attached with them. Did you have one in your childhood? If you do, you know the things that are attached with these beds.

First of all it’s a unique experience. If you have more than one child in the family, you should get them a toddler beds. We have already said that these beds strengthen the bond between the siblings.  Now, have you given it a thought on how do they do that?

Siblings passing the nights on these beds get to share their things between them. And most often these things are the things that they won’t share with their parents. They share the little secrets and the incidents in the school, the problems that they face in growing up, and the funny affairs that they have encountered and so on.

In this way they find out the problems and those entire problems solving make them believe or trust on each other. Exchanging night talks between the bunks can really have a lifelong impact on the bond. We think siblings should not be deprived of the experience of a bunk bed.

More than that, it’s a kingdom of joy. If your child has one in home, the sleepovers would be more fun than ever. It’s a bed where your child does not sleep only; they get to have fun on it as well. We have already said that the design of it can be very much interesting also. It can be more than a bed.

Bunk Battles – Who is on The Top?

After you bring home the bunk bed and assemble it, it’s going to be main question. The top bunk is the spot that everyone wants. If there are children in the house, they might start fighting for it. We don’t want that, do we? That’s why you should take control in assigning the spot for them.

The easiest thing to do here is dividing the top bunk’s schedule by weeks. And you can toss to determine who’s going to be the avail the bed for the first time. This way, they won’t be fighting for the position anymore.

Bunk Beds for Kids

If you have a light metal bunk bed, try not to put too much on the top and a heavy load on the lower bunk will make the bed more stable. Also, the elder child deserves the spot on the top and the younger one should be ready to accept it. If two teenagers or adults of same ages are fighting over the top bunk they should just make a toss over it and resolve the issue.

Features to Look for in Bunk Beds:

Before you go and pick a boys bunk beds for your home there are some features that you should know to look for. Here is a short list of them …

  • Strength & Stability: In order to be safe it should be strong and stable. You should check the model and see how the joints are connected, how the frames are made, the structural design of the bed, the way it distributes the weight.
  • Material: Either you can buy a metal or a wooden one. The wooden ones are heavier and they give good support where the metal ones are lighter and they can be portable and easy to assemble ones. However, the wooden ones are more long lasting.
  • Size: The size of the beds is also important. Depending on the size of the bed, they can be classified into many categories. If two children are going to sleep on the bunk then a twin over twin is perfect. If you think you are going to add some extra sleeping space then you should have a twin over full bunk bed.
  • Ladder & Stairs: You should also put an interest here and see how the ladder of the bunk beds is made. Is it a straight one or a curved one, does it give support to the whole structure or not, does it come with a staircase or not and also take a look at the width of the ladder steps. After considering these things you should get the best one.
  • Drawers: Some come with drawers that you can use for keeping your essential things. Getting those models is a wise choice if you have shortage of keeping things like bed sheets and other stuffs. The drawers can also be used as wardrobes.
  • Extra Features: Some loft beds for kids come with special designs that include a study table, tent or playhouse on them. These specially designed beds are more fun.
  • Protective Rails: For the safety of the children the upper bunks must have protective rails. Otherwise, children might fall off during their sleep and hurt themselves. The height of the rails should be high so that it gives enough protection with the mattress on.
  • Mattress Height: The height of the mattress that you can use on your bed is also important. In most of the cases the number is 8 to 9.5 inches. The higher the number would be, the more comfortable the bed would become.
  • Warranties: Some beds come with warranty for up to 2 years. You should also look for warranty and customer support feedbacks while checking the bed.

These are the top things to consider while buying a bunk bed for child but other than these you should also look for multi level finishing on the paintjob so that the whole thing does not look faded up.

Frequently Ask Questions …

Here is a list of questions that parents and consumers of twin size bunk beds frequently ask.

Q. Wood or Metal, Which one is better?

We often get this question. The history of both goes a very long way back. In our opinion the wooden ones are better as they are heavy and tend to be stronger than the metal ones. Where’s the metal ones entirely rely on their construction. The better the framework of a metal one would be the long lasting and durable it would be. If you look at the price, you will find that wooden ones are costlier than the metal beds.

Q. What size of mattress should I buy?

It entirely depends on which type of bed you are going to buy. Depending on the model of the bed, the size of the mattress can vary from 8 to 9.5 inches. We should say here that mattress is essential with the beds but they can be harmful for the spinal cord. While putting a mattress on the top bunk you should be careful about the side rail. The height of the rail should be enough to keep the child protected otherwise your child might topple over during sleep.

Q. Should I assemble the bed by myself or take professional help?

It depends on you actually. If you can afford an extra 100-200$ professional help then you should get one as they know how to assemble the bed properly. The assembled bed would be strong and faultless. Or, if you want to save the assembly cost and use it on the mattress, you can do it all by yourself. Metal bunkies are relatively easier to assemble and you can easily assemble the entire bed within 2 hours.

Why don’t you ask your children to help you out? This way the job will be done easily and within a very short time. However, setting up a wooden bunk bed might be a tiring thing to do as the parts are heavy and require more effort to bolt everything together.

Q. Where should I put the bunk bed?

It’s an important issue actually. The bed should be kept by the wall. So that children will have less possibility of toppling over. There should be enough gaps between the top bunk and the ceiling. Make sure that there are no light bulbs or ceiling fans anywhere around the top bunk.


Now, you almost know everything about these beds. By this time you should have the idea about model that you are going to pick. Try to stick with our list as we have not only listed the best bunk beds for kids only but also we pick the cheap bunk beds with stairs, we have tested them physically so that you can have the right one in your home.